The Official Phoenix Music Lessons Recital Page
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The recital location is:

The Arizona Piano Company
4134 East Wood Street, Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ. 85040

Each family will receive 1 FREE adult ticket to serve as escort for the performers in your family. You will also receive 1 free perfomers ticket for each performer. Additional adults are $14.99. Children under 13 only $12.99. Eventbrite adds a 2.5% + .99 cents service charge for each ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will you be accepting registrations?
There are a limited number of performers. All registrations are on a first come first served basis. You can still register guests up to the day of the recital.

We have 2 children performing. Do we get 2 free adult tickets?
Sorry; We offer only one free adult ticket per family to serve as escort to performers under 18.

How long is each performance?
We will have students from 4 years old and up. Many of those early begining pieces are less than a minute each. There will be allot of performers but we feel if you can keep the performance under or very close to 2 minutes, then you can have more than one piece performed. If one piece is over 2 minutes then that one piece will be the entirety of that performance. In effort to avoid duplicate performances; if two students want to perform the same piece, then we will decide based on who registered that piece first.

Where do we sit and what time should we arrive?
The seating is open seating first come first served. You can show up any time before the start time.

How long will the recital last?
Most of our recitals take about 45 minutes to an hour. Please be prepared to remain for the entire recital. Do not leave after your child has performed as there will be a small award and group photo opportunities afterward.

What is the expected attire?
The performer should dress appropriately. Most performers will dress somewhere between semi-formal to formal. We do ask that you do not wear jeans, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sweats, sneakers etc...

How to conduct a Formal Rehearsal

Performance Tips