The Formal Rehearsal.

First get a good solid practice and play all the way through as a trial run.

Then; Perform every aspect of the rehearsal as if the audience is already there from start to finish.
  • Have someone introduce the performer. (opening applause)
  • Performer enters the stage and bows.
  • To be seated turn and step towards the piano, then slide in sideways to your left.
  • Open the piece to be played, find the hand position take a deep breath and think something positive like; “I'm going to Nail this” (or “Rock the House” or whatever positive affirmation that works for you).
  • Play through your piece with no stops whatsoever. (even if a mild earthquake breaks out:)
  • If you have more than one piece, acknowledge the audience applause with a smile and nod between the two pieces.
  • After the last piece; bow again and exit gracefully.
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