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Minimum requirements to start drum lessons.

To start drum lessons you don't really need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new drum set. Many beginning students start out with a simple practice pad a a pair of sticks. However; if you are looking to make the leap into a new drum kit, you will find this page very helpful.

How to buy a drum set.

This is perhaps the number one question I get from customers wanting to start Drum lessons.
First off; allot of the answer depends on you, your preferences and your budget.

The big rule here is this: When you buy any level drum set, know the difference between a complete kit and the "shell pack"; (the drums without hardware and stands). You may see many very low advertised prices but be sure you know what is included. Often stores will advertise the $299.00 entry level kit to get you in the door and when the hardware gets added on you see that the price has doubled. Its not bad to buy a "shell pack" without the hardware and cymbals but, be sure you know how much extra all the hardware will cost before you compare it with another kit that already has the hardware.

Be sure that when you compare drum sets you have included these items:
  • *The drums
  • *The cymbals; (high hat cymbals, ride and crash)
  • *The stands (hardware)
  • *The throne; (the seat), and
  • *The bass drum pedal

Entry Level Drum sets
  • *Lower quality sound
  • *Small budget
  • *poor resale value
  • *will eventually need to upgrade

Buying a drum set for a beginning student may, at first, seem to be a bit intimidating. There are so many brands, materials and differing levels to consider. There are many "entry level" kits available at prices as low as $300.00 to $400.00 and up. Buying an entry level kit may be a good starting instrument. However; you should be aware that many of these drum sets may not last more than a few years of regular use and practice. Also when it comes time to perform those entry level kits often will not get you very far. This is due to lesser quality materials that may have poor sound or perhaps even break on you when used in professional situations. If you are looking for a drum set just to learn on, and you understand that later you will need an upgrade then an inexpensive entry level kit may be right for you.

I hope that helps!

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