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Strings and Piano Lessons

Bachelor's Degree / Instrumental Music Education
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Morgan's strong passion for teaching strings lessons started at a young age.

Morgan's desire for teaching music led her to a Bachelor's Degree in Instrumental Music Education at the University of Louisiana. She started music lessons at a young age with flute lessons eventually evolving to piano and strings. Piano lessons with Morgan will include tailored materials complimenting the diversity of each piano student. Her biggest goals as a teacher are to share the love for music and watch her students grow.

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Beginning Strings Lessons / Piano Lessons

Aric graduated from ASU in 2004 with a BM in Jazz performance

and then continued at Arizona State University where he continued working towards his MA in Jazz Education. Aric took to a love of strings in his second grade strings class. His patient and fun teaching style leads to rapid developments in string technique, music theory and preformance skills.

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Strings and Piano Lessons

Music Education Arizona State University, Loves Teaching!
Diana has a passion for spreading the joy of music with private strings lessons

giving her students the skills to be able to create their own musical interpretations. As a music education major at ASU Diana makes sure her violin students maintain their enthusiasm while learning strings as efficiently as they can. She's also a native Spanish speaker and loves to teach violin to spanish speaking students. A violin first instrument instructor who teaches both strings and piano lessons.

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Violin Lessons at Phoenix Music Lessons

Phoenix Music Lessons is a locally owned studio providing professional violin, viola and cello instructors with top notch credentials, university degrees, performing, and/or recording experience.

Our Strings lesson prices are the same, in most cases lower, than your local music store!!!

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Our Approach

Amazing strings teachers creating successful violin, viola and cello students

We guide our violin students to success during each strings lesson. We believe that success builds upon itself. We have violin lessons enjoyable for children as well as adults.

Phoenix Music Lessons operates on the premise that a happy strings student will be a successful strings student. Based on you or your child's ongoing assessment, we tailor an individualized strings lesson. Our strings students receive individual one on one attention every second at every strings lesson.

Our experienced violin/viola/cello instructors are adept at teaching technique, reading, basic and advanced musicianship, musical form, dynamics and much more. Our lessons are not only beneficial for children experiencing difficulties in one or more areas, but are also helpful to adults looking to advance their education in music. We also have music lessons available for very young children.