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ESA music lessons at Phoenix Music Lessons

Phoenix Music Lessons accepts ESA Payments! Are you an ESA student looking to enrich your life or the life of a loved one with music lessons? You've found the right place! Simply sign up for either a 30 minute Trial Lesson or even a FREE Meet and Greet and we'll get you started. Phoenix Music Lessons is a locally owned studio providing professional music instructors with top notch credentials, university degrees, performing, and/or recording experience.

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Our Approach

Amazing teachers creating successful ESA students

We guide our ESA students to success during each music lesson. We believe that success builds upon itself. We have ESA lessons enjoyable for children as early as 4 years old.

Phoenix Music Lessons operates on the premise that a happy ESA student will be a successful ESA student. Based on your child's ongoing assessment, we tailor an individualized ESA music lesson. Our ESA students receive individual one on one attention every second at every lesson.

Our experienced music instructors are adept at teaching technique, reading, basic and advanced musicianship, musical form, dynamics and much more. Our lessons are not only beneficial for children experiencing difficulties in one or more areas, but are also helpful to adults looking to advance their education in music. We also have music lessons available for very young children.