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Strings and Piano Lessons

Music Education Arizona State University Loves Teaching! Diana has a passion for spreading the joy of music with private piano lessons

giving her students the skills to be able to create their own musical interpretations. As a music education major at ASU Diana makes sure her violin students maintain their enthusiasm while learning strings as efficiently as they can. She's also a native Spanish speaker and loves to teach violin to spanish speaking students. A violin first instrument instructor who teaches both strings and piano lessons.

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Voice teacher Anna

Bachelor's degree in Vocal performance, ACU 2011
Anna is a passionate voice/piano instructor and musician who in addition to teaching voice and piano lessons at PML, performs vocally all over the valley

including with the Arizona Opera Company where she has performed 22 shows since 2012. Anna's experience both on the stage and in the studio give her a unique and profound insight that any voice student can benefit from. She has a special way of bring out the absolute best in voice and piano students, because to her, teaching music lessons is not just a job; it is a passion.
Anna's rates are slightly higher than our other teachers. Please call for a quote: 602-955-2702

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Kurt K

Guitar Lessons

B.F.A. degree in Guitar Performance University of Wisconsin.

Acoustic / Electric / Classical guitar Lessons Studio guitar instruction / private guitar lessons Rock / Blues / Jazz

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Voice Lessons / Piano Lessons

Elizabeth is a music performance major at ACU.

Her voice and piano lessons goals are to help individuals grow musically as well as in overall confidence as a piano performer. Elizabeth enjoys classical, rock, jazz, musical theater, country, and several other styles of piano music. This piano teacher believes playing piano is a gift and wants to inspire others to find the joy of performing piano so they can share their musical talents with the world.

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We have many more teachers as well. Click on "Schedule Now" for a list of instruments we teach.

Phoenix Music Lessons

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Why Phoenix Music Lessons?

Amazing Teachers! Our teachers are not ony highly qualified music instructors, each one is also hand selected by the founder of the company to assure you get an Amazing Music Lesson!

Billing that fits your needs: Don't fall for a flat rate monthly billing scheme. Those plans both limit and require a certain number of lessons each month. At Phoenix Music Lessons you can take from 1 lesson per month to as many lessons as you have time for!!!

We have the most convient scheduling in the valley! Need to cancel a lesson? Easy; you can do that online. Want to add or reschedule a Music lesson? Again just log in pick a time and you're done. No one else offers this kind of flexibility period. :)

You're gonna love it here! Choose your instrument and schedule a trial today.

Phoenix Music Lessons offers voice lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons, Phoenix saxophone, flute and clarinet lessons,
drum lessons, and Violin lessons in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.

We are a local team of qualified and highly trained professional music educators offering great rates,
convenient lesson scheduling and top notch music instruction. We have been improving the lives of musicians
with private one on one lessons since 1991.

You're gonna love it here!

Our Approach

Experienced teachers creating successful students

We guide our music students to success during each private lesson. We believe that success builds upon itself. We have music lessons enjoyable for children as well as adults.

Phoenix Music Lessons operates on the premise that a happy music student will be a successful music student. Based on you or your child's ongoing assessment, we tailor an individualized lesson approach. Our students receive individual one on one attention every second at every music lesson.

Our experienced music instructors are adept at teaching technique, reading, basic and advanced musicianship, musical musical form, dynamics and much more. Our services are not only beneficial for children experiencing difficulties in one or more areas, but are also helpful to adults looking to advance their education in music. We also have music lessons available for very young children.