The Education Industry Vs. The Service Industry

The Education Industry

Private music lessons are part of the education industry. You schedule a class that starts and ends at a specific time. Regardless where you take music lessons, they will have some sort of policy on cancellations. Usually either a "No cancellation" policy, or some sort of a 24 hour notice to cancel similar to ours.

We completely understand how it feels when you lose a lesson due to unforeseen circumstances. We were all music students ourselves and had to abide by these same policies. It is nothing new or ground breaking; it's just the way virtually all credible studios and self respecting private teachers conduct business.

Our music educators range from the highly talented and experienced up through all the ranks of diploma's including Doctorate. When it comes to short notice cancellations; we treat our teachers and students in accordance with the standards set by the educational industry. If PML fell short of those standards the best teachers would go to a studio that would offer those standards.

The Services Industry

Services would be businesses like beauty salons and barbers. Unlike the education industry, where we schedule a class that starts and ends at a specific time; services can fill their voids with walk ins and having clients wait by overbooking.  

Here at Phoenix Music Lessons you'll never hear “give me about 15 minutes and I'll get your music lesson going”. However; that kind of statement is common place and accepted in the services industry.

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